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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Does 1+1=2.... or does it equal 3?

So there have been a lot of changes or changes that are going to be coming really soon. Thayer is officially getting out of the Air Force. We will be out of Minot no later than May 31st. At first I was freaking out. I was angry, but I was only angry because I was so scared. Our entire life was being turned upside down. In a few short months we wouldn't have jobs, a home, insurance... just to name a few things. I'm so glad I got Thayer to sit down and make a plan with me.

I'm so happy that we are going to be able to move to Missouri. I know for certain that I will never ever live in El Dorado again. That town is too small with too many busy bodies... not to mention that the schools have really gone down the shitter. Looking at their test scores and things... no way I would put my kids in the schools there. lol ok... off my El Dorado kick.

I'm excited for Thayer to start school again. I think he has finally decided 100% for sure on a major. When he was going to DeVry he was majoring in Computer Engineering, but at first glance it didn't look like MSU had a Computer Engineering program, but I did a lot of research and they do. They have a Engineering Physics Degree with and emphasis in Computer Engineering. I know my husband is so smart... though sometimes he lacks common sense. Thayer has been really worried about everything here lately. We talked some today and one of his fears is moving to some place he's never lived before. Minot and Guam are the only two places he has ever lived. Now he's on a new and scary adventure. I reminded him that I was in his shoes once. I moved to Minot after getting married... and only being a couple with him for like 6 months. I took a major leap of faith and everthing worked out fine.

Today is Thayer's birthday. He hasn't been feeling good the last couple of days. He's had some really bad migraines. I think it is because he is stressed. For his birthday, we went out to eat at Happy Panda (not my choice, can't wait to eat real Chinese food back home!). Then we went over to the mall to watch a movie but the line was almost all the way back to Deb's so we said forget it. We then went to Barnes & Noble and he got 2 books (I got 3 books, a cookbook, and a cover for my Nook, lol). We then went to Gamestop where he got a game. I hope his birthday went well. I also got him a rare game of Ebay that I gave him last week.

So, next week (Wednesday) I will be able to test to see if I'm pregnant. Right now I have hope that I am... I'm trying not to... but I still do. I have some symptoms. I just hope that they aren't all in my head. The main symptoms are breast changes (very sore, Montgomery glands appearing, veins becoming more prominent). I guess I'll know soon enough. I hate all of this waiting. It would be kind of bad timing with Thayer getting out of the military, but I'll take whatever I can get. I will be so happy if I am..... OMG... you have no idea.

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