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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Me.... Me... Me... Mememememememe

Do you ever get annoyed by those people who only ever want to talk about themselves? Those that are only concerned with themselves and what is going on in their life? The ones that never stop to consider the feelings of others?

Really... instead of asking "hey, how did your surgery consult go?" they start talking about themselves and bitching about mundane crap... or crap they know will hurt me.

There is a reason I do the things I do. I'm in self-preservation mode.
---If you've hurt me once, twice, three times, I'm done. I'm not going to continue to be hurt by you.
---If you lie to me, then we're done. I won't be your friend anymore. I don't need friends like that.

I'm sick of selfish people. I'm sick of giving giving giving only to have it shoved in my face. My breaking point will not be pretty, you can be assured of that, and if I keep getting pushed you can bet your sweet ass I will reach that point very soon.

Now that I have that off my chest, I will dispatch the knowledge I gained today at my surgery consult.

I have made the life changing choice to have weightloss surgery, as many of you already know. I am going to have a Lap-Band put in late this summer in hopes of semi-correcting my PCOS and making it easier to get pregnant among other things. I gained a lot of knowledge about what to expect in the coming few months. I already need to being my special pre-surgery diet which consists of 40-60g of protein a day and no more than 1500 calories. The 1500 calories thing will be cake because that's what I usually eat anyways. I will have to drink protein shakes for the protein intake. There was information about pre-op and post-op. I was given a whole binder of information. The place I am going for surgery is considered a "Center of Excellence" so that's good. I was supposed to go in for my psych eval (requirement of surgery) tomorrow, but because of the threatened flood, the appointment was cancelled.

On to another note. Minot is expected to hit record flood stage starting Thursday and into the weekend. The water will be several feet over what the dikes can contain. It is a horribly sad situation. 10-12 thousand people have been evacuated. Minot is centered around the river valley, all of which will be under several feet of water in the coming days. We're safe because we live up north on the AFB. I would much rather be out helping fill sand bags instead of going to work tomorrow for 6 hours, but I guess watching the children of the Airmen so they can help or evacuate is helping in some way. Any contribution helps at this point. I wish there was more that I could do. As of right now FEMA says they will provide NO assistance to Minot and it's residents. That's just effed up in my opinion.

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  1. We've seen that a lot. People/Companies that are suppose to help don't & ones you'd think are suppose to be great (red cross) do some shady things. Our fire has only displaced about 10% of what the flood with displace there but our community are the main people helping the evacuees & the ones that lost everything. I hope your community can really come together for the flood victims!

    I'm glad everything is going well with the surgery! :) & Screw selfish people, they'll end up with no friends but will never understand why. HUGS & LOVE, have a good rest of the week!


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