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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post 120

This is my 120th blog... That's a lot of writing over the last year....

What will ensue in this blog is a bunch of randomness about things that have been going on lately. A hodge-podge of the life of Mary.

So this week I had some lovely in-law drama. Sometimes I wish when you got married you didn't have to inherit his family. In the past I've really only had a problem with my father-in-law because he's a... piece of work. He disowned Thayer and hasn't talked to him since we got married because he "married a fat girl." Yeah... he's a really great guy huh? Nevermind I have a BS and almost a MSEd.... Nevermind the fact that his son is happy and in love. Anyways... on to the other drama. We got a call last weekend that my mother and sister in law were in the states. Thayer's whole family lives in Guam where his mom retired after getting out of the Navy. We had no warning, no nothing because his mom was pissed at him because he didn't call her on Mother's Day. Granted, she didn't know about all the things that were going on around that time, (i.e. the miscarriage, crazy work schedules, etc.). She also likes to forget that there is like a 13 hour time difference and that if we want to call them we have to stay up until like 2-3am to reach them after they get off work. We both have jobs, so staying up that late really doesn't happen. Anyways, she basically said that Thayer had to fly out to West Virginia to see her and his sister. This wouldn't be so bad except 1. we've been planning on going to Kansas to see my family since January during the month of July. Thayer was going to go but he found out this week that he can't because he can't get leave because they have inspection in July. The other hang up is we'd have to buy a plane ticket. I mean, we have the money in savings, but it would have been nice to have some notice or warning instead of us having to take money out of savings. Anyways, on Monday or Tuesday Thayer called his mom and "smoothed things over." He told her about the fertility treatments, the miscarriage, the stress of work, etc. and now she's changing her plane ticket to come up here and see us. I'm glad she had a change of heart... but wow... I'm so glad that most of my family isn't like Thayer's. Only one of my family members that I can think of is so petty and vindictive as to try and screw a loved one over, over something so stupid. lol, not naming names though!  So, I guess my mother and sister in law will be up here toward the end of June... yay....

Not a whole lot else has been going on. I've just been thinking a lot about my trip home and who I want to take time to visit. Two weeks isn't a whole lot of time, but I have to find time to squeeze everyone in.

The last few days have been kind of rough as well. Father's Day is coming up and I feel so bad that I lost the baby and Thayer can't celebrate. I feel so guilty that I'm denying him the ability to be a father because of my fertility issues. I've cried a few times and he's held me and tried to make me feel better.... but there is just so much guilt and sadness.

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  1. YAY, I can comment! So, here is what I tried to write a few days ago!

    HAPPY 120th POST! Please know that you've reached people with your blog. Ones going through IF, ones who've experienced the loss of their child, or people just starting this journey. Even if it's just a comfort to be reading that someone else is going through the same thing & it makes them feel not so alone.

    I too have drama with my in-laws. What's with the husband's side of the family?! Geesh! Good luck with that visit!


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