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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2... 4... 6... 8...

Tomorrow I will probably ovulate!

Today I got an almost positive/positive ovulation test (picture below).

Today is CD15 so ovulation should occur on CD16. This month I'm back to my "good" ovary instead of my lazy ovary. I'm pretty sure that this month will end in disappointment just like every other month, but I guess we shall see. At least I'm ovulating all on my own and earlier than I did last month. That is a step in the right direction. I haven't been able to start one the Vitex or Red Clover yet because I'm still waiting on the new shipment that I had to order offline. They should be here before the beginning of my next cycle. I really do think that part of my problem is my uterine lining not being thick enough. Part of that is due to my deficencies from surgery. I'm hoping to boost that up with foods as well as using the Vitex and Red Clover. I know that our "timing" has been good so there has to be some other explanation as to why things aren't "happening." I guess the quality of the eggs I'm producing might also not be the best. About the only way I know to help that would be Clomid, which I know I won't be getting anytime soon. Once again I'm struggling on my own without medical help. Blah.

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  1. I'll be thinking about you. I hope this cycle is the one for you!!! Looks like y'all are on the right track so far.

    Ha ha, your post title is really cute, btw.


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