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Monday, July 16, 2012


So I did it ladies (and maybe a gentleman) lol. I booked myself a boudoir/pinup shoot for October! Now to work on toning up my excess skin. You can't hide as much when you're half naked!

I always wanted to do a photoshoot like this, but when I was bigger I was always too self-conscious. I'm still self-conscious, but I decided to do it! Getting our pictures taken this last weekend and seeing how great I really am looking I thought I really needed to take the plunge. I even got a few outfits to wear for the big event, but I'm looking for more suggestions. I think I might want to do a naughty teacher/librarian look among others. I'm super excited to feel gorgeous and glam. I just wish I could look in the mirror and see the same thing a camera lens does. When looking at myself, I still feel huge. I hope that one day I will get over all of that. Maybe this is a step in that direction!

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  1. Yay. That's awesome checkout they're reasonable an you can earn points which turns into FREE money to make purchases with (: good luck with the shoot


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