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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A New Approach...

So I've thought and thought... and thought some more about my infertility, PCOS, crappy ovaries, and well just everything. I've done some research. I've done some soul searching. I've cried, gotten mad, beat myself up some for being broken. I've felt like a failure, and I've felt like completely giving up on ever being a mother. Then I decided to suck it up and figure out a way to help myself. I've been trying to think of ways to help my fertility. I've been trying to think of why I might not be getting pregnant if my cycles are fairly regular. It's a pretty good possibility that I'm ovulating.

There are only a few different reasons I can think of that might be preventing me from getting the BFP and they are as follows:

1. My uterine lining isn't thick enough for implantation. Thin uterine lining can be caused by hormonal imbalances which I am prone to because of my PCOS. The reason I'm thinking this might be the cause is the extreme lightness of my periods. I spot for one day, have one day of medium flow then two days of light to very light flow (think panty liner, not even enough for a tampon). Obviously if my periods are super light there isn't much lining for my body to get rid of. Additionally, some of my malabsorbtion issues from my surgery can cause deficiencies that could make my lining thinner as well. Of course without seeing a doctor I won't know this for sure. However, I am trying to research how to increase my lining through natural means (foods, vitamins, etc.) I will let you know how things pan out.

2. The eggs I'm ovulating are not good quality or are being released before they are ready (small follicles). Again, there is no way of knowing without doctor confirmation. However, with my past luck with Clomid, this very well could be the case.

One solution to try and help and level everything out is trying a supplement called Vitex. (Here is some information on Vitex and PCOS.) There are lot of success stories of it helping women with PCOS regulate there cycles as well as helping to increase fertility. (Vitex and Getting Pregnant) and (Vitex for Fertility). The medication helps to level out hormones within the body. I ordered some and I'm going to start taking it. What could it hurt? The dosage I'm going to start with is 1200mg a day. 1000mg a day is recommended, but with my malabsorbtion from surgery I figure the extra couldn't hurt. I'm going to try just Vitex for a month or two and see how things go. If I notice a difference or don't notice a difference I might switch to Fertilaid or Fertility Blend. I guess we shall see.

If any of my readers have any advice or knowledge please... PLEASE share it with me.


  1. would love to know how that works out for you. good luck!!

  2. I have taken Vitex and have PCOS. I did 400mg x3 a day, so 1200 like you mentioned. Did it work? Yes and no.

    I did five rounds of Clomid up to 150mg and only ovulated twice. Switched to a new doctor and they did a bunch of testing so I decided to try Vitex in the meantime. I did 3 cycles, ovulated each time and got pregnant on my third. But I miscarried. After my D&E I did two more cycle, I didn't ovulated ether time and needed Provera after CD60. My hormones are all out of wack.

    It worked before and I got pregnant, but no longer works for me. I will still suggest trying it though, can't hurt.


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