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Friday, July 27, 2012

Tinkle Tinkle in a Cup...

**Disclaimer: This blog involves a great deal of talk about bodily fluids. If this grosses you out or makes you uncomfortable please do not continue to read.

So... the life of an infertile involves lots of peeing in or on things. It begins with OPK (ovulation predictor kits). I usually use about 7 of these a cycle. I start peeing on them one CD 12 until I ovulate. That's a whole lot of peeing in a cup. I buy the cheap ones in bulk on the internet and you have to dip them in rather than peeing directly on them.

Then after ovulation begins the wait. This is known as the Luteal Phase. In most women it is 14 days long... hence the reason it is called a 2 week wait. After the completion of the two week wait infertiles start peeing on things again. This time they are pregnancy tests. They are hoping (usually in vain) that this month will be different and the test will show two beautiful lines.

Currently I am 9 days past ovulation. I have 5 days to wait until I start peeing on things again. I usually wait until my period is at least one day late. Most of the time, however, my period shows up and I don't even have to bother with testing... or there are times when my body does a complete mind f*ck and decides to make my periods a few days late. Then I'm peeing on a stick every day hoping for a different result (isn't that the definition of crazy?) even though my mind/body is just playing a joke. My period always shows up and Aunt Flow (AF) is always like "GOTCHA!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!" Yeah.. not cool...

So every month I pee on something at least 7 days a month... that is one quarter of a month peeing in a cup and dipping a stick in hoping that one day I will become a mother. Fun times.

Symptoms this month so far (not that it really means anything...): Acne starting to get bad at 8dpo, slight cramping/stretching feeling starting 8dpo. Second temperature rise 8dpo (99.2 instead of my normal 98.6 after ovulation... before ovulation I'm usually 98.0), boob tenderness until 2dpo then it went away, began again 9dpo.

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