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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Visit From Closure

A Visit from Closure

By way of the setting sun Closure has come.
He rapped softly upon my door, and I welcomed him in unlike some.
Come sit by my hearth. We'll chat for a spin
About the past, but never about what might have been.
We spoke of the good times, the laughs and the fun.
We spoke of the bad times, or hurts that can't be undone.
We spoke of the hopes and dreams we once shared
The dreams that were shattered and can't be repaired.
We talked about what to do next, how to move on,
And how I shouldn't feel empty just because you are gone.
"Be thankful," Closure advised, "that he changed your live so.
Remember all the good times and know when to let go."
I reminded myself that my heart will not always be broken.
That the pieces shall mend, but my lingering love must remain unspoken.
Treasure the pieces that still belong to you with care and try never to forget
The love and trust we shared that first moment we met.
Yes, Closure came to my house I must say with a tear and a sigh.
I did not want to let go, and I yearned to know why.
He left silently; he knew just the right moment to leave.
Alone once again, but I felt no need to grieve.
I gingerly wiped my tear-streaked face
Knowing that the love I have for you I can never replace.
But as the sun was setting once again
My future no longer looked bleak, and I knew I had a new chapter to begin.

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