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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Biology Bites!

The dreaded 2 week wait has begun. I hate how long it takes biology to get its act together so you can find out whether you're pregnant or not. These are always the longest and most frustrating days of the month. They always seem to drag along. I'm hoping that now that I'm going to be super busy with my internship and school that I won't think about it or stress about it as much. At this point there isn't really anything I can do. I've ovulated. We've had sex at the right time. It's really just a waiting game, which is sucks. I hate that I've played this waiting game countless times in the past. I really hope that these days fly by. I have 12 more days until I can test if my periods doesn't show up before then. I won't get my hopes up to much based on symptoms because so many of them are the same as pre-menstral. Of course I tell myself this now, but here in a little over a week I'll me exagerating every cramp, etc. Ok... come on time... FLY BY!

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