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Friday, August 17, 2012


CD 18... Ovulated today. T-minus 14 days until we might have liftoff (aka. I can pee on a stick and see if I'm pregnant). This was an unmedicated cycle so we shall see. We did plenty of BD so *fingers crossed* that we get a BFP. I'm not holding my breath, and I certainly wouldn't place any money on seeing a positive pregnancy test in 2 weeks, but eh.. I guess I can hope a little. Our next cycle will be medicated so there's always that in the future if this cycle is a bust. I had some mighty bad ovulation pains this cycle. My temp is up and my progesterone has started to rise. I know this because my "girls" are really sore. So.. the countdown has begun. I'm tempted to look and see what my due date might be if we get pregnant this cycle, but then again that seems like such a naive move to make. Something a beginner in the world of TTC would do. I'm no stranger to let down, so....

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