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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bring on the Craziness

The husband and I have been back home visiting family and friends for the last weekish. It's been a good visit. It's so nice to be close enough to home that we can come home for a weekend  to see everyone. We wanted to get one last visit in before the craziness starts. Thayer begins his fall semester on the 20th. He's taking 15 credit hours, which is the most he's ever taken. I'm sure it will kick his ass because he's such a procrastinator and would rather play a video game than study or do his homework. He doesn't devote the time he should to his school work. I saw him doing that all summer with his summer classes.

Tuesday I also begin my internship for my final semester of Graduate school. I'm taking 6 credit hours of graduate credit. 2 hours for my internship, 2 hours for my scholarly project, and 2 hours for medical trends in Autism Spectrum disorders. It's going to be a lot because the intership is like having a full time job and the scholarly project is very extensive. I'm estimating my final paper for the project will be at a minimum 40 pages long.

Thursday is also my big day. I'm going to see the OB/GYN and hopefully get prescribed Femara. That's what I really want and that is what I'm going to push for. I've been taking my extra B vitamins and iron to hopefully help with my uterine lining and luteal phase. I'm hoping those will give me the results I want. I'm currently on CD14, but I probably won't ovulate for a couple more days. This cycle we are also trying something new called Softcups. These are little cups you can insert in your vagina instead of using a tampon. A lot of women have started using them while TTC because it will also help keep the semen and sperm up by your cervix instead of leaking slowly back out. It's worth a shot. I got 14 in a box for $5.48 at Walmart. If anything, I've heard it really helps with the messiness.

So next week all the craziness begins. It will probably continue up until the point I actually graduate in December. I'm not really how well my final semester in Grad school will mix with fertility drugs, but I'm tired of waiting. I've had to put off so many of my plans and dreams because I was a military wife and I'm simply not doing that anymore. BRING IT ON! lol I can handle it, even if it does make me a little crazy.

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