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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yay for Tomorrow

I now have two days of my internship under my belt. Both have been great days. The school is huge compared to what I'm used to. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. I've met a few of the kiddos I will be working with. Special Education works a little different at the beginning of the year. We're letting the kiddos get used to their new classroom before we start pulling them out for their "intervention" time. Some of the kids are going to be a handful for sure, but I have a good mentor teacher and the paras in the room both have a background in education. All in all, I really love the room. It is a little... weird that my mentor teacher is the same age as me. She's working on her Master's right now as well and has about a year left.

On to other news...

Tomorrow I have my appointment with the OB/GYN! Wish me luck! I really hope he listens to me and will let me do a few rounds of Femara. I'm not scared at all walking into this appointment. I'm looking forward to it and to get the ball rollling on fertility treatments again. At the same time, I know that I might be met with more disappointment. The treatments give me even more hope than I usually have and it makes getting my period that much more difficult. I am hoping my doctor is willing to listen to everything that I have to say. I've done my research. I know my stuff. Hopefully I won't have to go through too many other tests. I foresee bloodwork in my future.

I haven't ovultae this month yet. Today is CD 16. I took an OPK yesterday morning and this morning. Today's was darker than yesterdays. That's usually how my cycles go. The lines on the OPKs get progressively more dark until I finally get my positive. I will test again in the morning so I can be sure to let my doctor know the results. This month is my lazy ovary's month and I usually ovulate later (CD19ish). I wonder if the doctor will put me on progesterone from the beginning or wait until I actually get a BFP. Just so much to talk about, but I'm SOOO ready!

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