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Sunday, August 21, 2011


So my blog has topped 13000 views. That's a whole lot of people reading what I have to say. Maybe I've educated some people about infertility and life as an USAF wife. Maybe some people know a little more than they did before about the emotional struggle that accompanies infertility and pregnancy loss. I started my blog as a place to share my thoughts, vent, and just generally get my feels out. I've always been better at writing things out to express myself than having an actual conversation. I think my blog has turned into more than just a "journal" for me. I hope people find strength in my words. I hope other infertile women (and men) see that they aren't alone in their stuggles, emotions, etc. That is my hope. I want to reach out to others and share with them my ups and downs. I'm not scared to post anything. I don't fear stepping on people's toes.

Infertility is a crazy rollar coaster. Each month the cycle of depression starts again. Every month the pain is renewed. It's not something you can escape. It's not even really something you can learn to live with. It's something that takes work... every day of every month. It breaks up marriages or it can bring couples closer. People's words can hurt even if they aren't really meaning it. Everyone should go read Infertility Etiquette.

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