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Monday, August 8, 2011

Caution: Big Changes Ahead

So, today ended with a migraine. Another dose of Clomid goes down the hatch tonight. I only have 2 more doses left (Thank goodness). I'm sick of feeling sick. Work was kind of rough today. I was in an infant room all day. We had 3 babies that were 6 weeks old... yep, doesn't that sound like fun.

Last night I was thinking about how life will be so different a month from now. Either way, no matter what happens, my life is headed for big changes. I will either get pregnant (and hopefully stay pregnant) or I will go through with my surgery and will be a completely different person physically. I won't look the same. I will feel completely different. Hopefully it will have a great outcome either way.

So... here's to big changes!

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