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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Temp Still Up... we'll take that as a good sign!

So... We're in the middle of the waiting game once again. Did the Clomid make me have a good egg? Did Thayer's little Airmen (bwahaha he would kill me if he knew I wrote that... but I can't call them soldiers) make there way to my awaiting egg? We find out next Friday or Saturday when AF is due to show up. I've been taking my BBT and it has stayed elevated so I will take that as a good sign. My "normal" temp is 97.9 and I've been running 98.5 since ovulation. I know it is supposed to stay elevated until 10+ days after ovulation but usually mine is starting to drop by now. Today is 9 days past ovulation. Either way... I know over the next few months I'm in for one hell of a ride. If we don't get a BFP, my surgery date is still set for Sept. 7th. (PS you can send me flowers :) I will be in there until the 11th baring no complications. I'm starting to get a little scared/anxious/nervous about it now. It's really scary being up here and having this done with just Thayer. As much as I love him... he's not my mommy. I know he'll try his best... but y'all know how men are sometimes. Anywho... cheers to high temps!

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