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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nausea, Hot Flashes, Fatigue... OH MY!

Well I'm just getting ready to take another 100mg of Clomid (yay... not). I feel so sick already. Work is going to be brutal tomorrow. Yesterday I was a raging bitch. I will even admit it. I was horrible, and Thayer put up with me. He HATES when I'm on Clomid because I go from happy and laughing one minute to ripping his face apart the next. Everything is heightened. Today I wasn't a raging bitch... I was just whiny and emotional. I cried a couple of times. Once was because I wanted to cuddle and Thayer didn't. Another was over something stupid.

I did do something funny though. I made Thayer take a vitamin. I figured if I have to pop all these pills to try and get pregnant he might as well have to take something as well to increase his sperm production and increase their motility. So... he's taking a multi-vitamin. Vitamins C, E, and B12 are all thought to help increase sperm count as are Selenium, Zinc, and carnitine.  His multi-vitamin has all of them in it! Yay for more sperm! Also, Thayer is now banned from taking long, hot baths until after I have ovulated. Just like hot tubs, long hot baths can kill swimmers because they get overheated. ...

Sorry if all this is TMI about my husband's junk... Remember I'm Crazy Clomid lady and I don't care what you think right now... bwahahaha!

Now if only the Clomid will help my body do it's job.

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