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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

People Frustrate Me..

So back in April I started "Sock It To Infertility." I had people (many wonderful people) donate socks to me to mail out to ladies with fertility issues. Lately I have become very frustrated with it. I have gotten a few almost nasty email from people who asked me for socks and haven't gotten them yet. I mean really? You're getting free socks that are supposed to be inspirational to you. I'm doing this at my own expense. It costs me $1.50-$2.00 to mail out each pair and that comes out of MY pocket. Plus... the base post office is ONLY open when I'm at work so I can only really mail them out on Saturday. Hmmm lets think about it. We had a HUGE natural disaster which made getting to the post office almost impossible. I wasn't going to fight the huge crowd of 10,000 homeless evacuees trying to get their mail, and I wasn't going to fight the traffic for 2 or more hours. Then when things started to get a little better here I went on vacation for 2 weeks. Now I'm dealing with having surgery and being out of commission for 3-4 weeks. People can just get mad I guess. Whatever. I'm over it.


  1. Wow, I can't believe people are getting mad at you because they haven't gotten their socks yet. Here's an idea, go buy a fun(ky) pair & use those as your lucky socks until you get your other pair. Some people are so greedy & selfish. I hope your surgery goes well or you get that BFP on Saturday!!! :)

  2. I'm so sorry people were acting this way. I think this is a WONDERFUL program. Please don't give it up! Have you thought about filing for 501(c) status as a non-profit? I seriously think it would be an EXCELLENT, fun, non-scary way to educate people about infertility and then you could accept donations to help with the shipping costs. Please don't let the few bad apples get you down. They're probably the same people who complained to Sears last year that their free gift cards from Heroes at Home were so "only" $150. Keep your head up!


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