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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Adventures in Clomid

So about 2 hours ago I took the first pill of my final cycle of Clomid. So... here goes another month. We shall see if it works and makes me ovulate. Clomid working is defined by whether it makes me ovulate or not... NOT if I get pregnant or not. Logically speaking, even with the Clomid the swimmers still have to find the egg and there is only what... a 25% chance of that happening each cycle. lol... mini-rant there I guess. Clomid "working" shouldn't be defined by whether you actually conceived because it doesn't make the sperm find the egg, it only ensures that you produce an egg.

*yawn* I took like a 2 hour nap this evening. It was a long work week. I've applied to a few other jobs. I just keep crossing my fingers and hoping that I get something. I'm not sure how much longer I can handle working at the CDC. I keep hoping that they lift the hiring freeze for the school district so I can substitute teach or get a job as a paraeducator. Guess only time will tell with that. Public school is starting late here because of the flood. Guess it is just a waiting game now.

School will be starting for me again soon. It sucks that I'm not able to take the two classes I need downtown at, but what can you do? Hopefully I will be able to get them done next spring along with my "scholarly project." The scholarly project for my Master's in basically taking the place of writing a thesis. I guess we shall see how that goes as well. In some ways I would almost rather just write a thesis paper because I'm a beast when it comes to writing papers... but I think I would get more out of doing the project.

Interesting Fact: I'm supposed to ovulate this month on the first day I ever say my now husband face to face. August 17th I flew to ND and met my husband face to face for the first time in 2008... then we got hitched October 16th of the same year. Almost 3 years of marriage so far!

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