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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roux En Y

So tomorrow I drive to Bismarck to have my last pre-op appointment. They will be doing bloodwork and I will have an EKG ran. I will meet with a nutritionalist and the surgeon's PA. After that... the countdown will be on until I have surgery. I'm still not sure how I feel about things. I'm not really excited or nervous... I'm kind of apathetic. I'm not sure if that's the right attitude to have. I am excited about losing weight and getting to buy new clothes. I'm not excited to have to wait a year and a half to even try to get pregnant again. I guess everything has give and take. I will learn how to deal.

The other day I bought an elliptical for the house so I won't have to go to the gym on base. I feel really uncomfortable at the base gym so I knew if I left exercising up to going to the base gym this winter there was no way I would go. I got a $450 elliptical for $100 on our base yardsale site. I'm pretty proud of myself for that purchase!

It is almost 100% that Thayer will be getting convelescent leave for when I have surgery. I finally found him a hotel room for the 7th and 8th. No luck for 9th. Thayer said he could drive back and forth or just sleep in the car. I will talk to them tomorrow about the difficulty we've been having finding a room for him to stay in. Maybe they would like him have a cot in the room or something.

I've had a lot of questions lately about how my surgery will effect my future pregnancies. It was once thought that pregnancy was a bad idea after having weightloss surgery, but new research has shown differently. It is now proven that it is SAFER for a women to get pregnant post surgery than to be overweight and pregnant. This is because of all the complications that come with being overweight and pregnant (pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc.). Basically to have a healthy pregnancy I will be have to monitored more closely by my OB to ensure that the baby and I are meeting our nutritional needs. This means more bloodwork and ultrasounds. I will have to take extra vitamins and drink additional protein supplements to make sure the baby is getting enough "food." Really... that doesn't sound like too big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Anywho, more info can be found at Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery.

I also thought I would share with you an image of what my insides will look like post surgery.... kinda cool and gross all at once. My stomach that will be "detached" will just stay floating around in there. It is also possible that if I have too many complications, they can reattach my stomach together and make everything whole again.


  1. I actually know someone that had weight loss surgery (years ago) and just gave birth. She had a perfectly healthy pregnancy. :)

  2. When is your surgery? I wish you the best of luck! I don't know anyone who has had this surgery so I'm not much help in this department but I am thinking of you!


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