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Monday, January 3, 2011

And Life Goes On...

So the holidays are over (THANK GOODNESS)! Now it is time for back to work, back to school... back to life. (Oh yeah... and back to stress!) I'm just in the mood to talk about random shit.... so here goes.

Does it ever annoy you when you tell someone something and they don't believe you and have to go out of their way to TRY to prove you wrong? Oh... and then do you feel happy when you finally get to say, "naa na na na told you so?" Did you know that generally speaking biology works the same in nearly all people? Yeah big shocker there. I just get so frustrated with people that don't want to hear the truth as well... Either they don't want to hear it or refuse to believe it. Ok those are my rants for the night.

On another note... last night was my last dose of Provera so AF should be making an appearance soon... then it's on to ultrasounds, Clomid, Ultrasound, Sex, Ovulation, Sex, Sex, Sex, 2 Week Wait, Peeing on a Stick.... all of this will be followed shortly by another party with Aunt Flo or a party with my husband. *sigh* Isn't infertility grand? Just think of all the money I could have saved on birth control during my slutty college years.

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  1. i feel the same way about birth control. doctors should test for infertility before all the money is wasted on birth control. have fun on clomid! call me WHEN you need to cry (not IF but WHEN) lol maybe it wont be like that for you, it makes me cry about everything! lol good luck and baby dust!!!!


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