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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Many Eggs... One Egg... Two Egg...

So tomorrow I go in to have an ultrasound done. Today was CD1... for those who aren't on the up and up of infertility/fertility terms... that means Auntie came to visit me. I have an appointment for 9:15am tomorrow at the hospital to get it done. They hopefully will be able to tell me a little more about my eggs, how many potentials we are looking at. Then on CD3 I will start my Clomid. Fun times to be had, I'm sure. I go back in on the 18th and they will tell me how many "mature" eggs I have. Usually a person only releases one mature egg at a time... with the Clomid there is a good potential that I will produce more. After the Clomid is done, it is baby making time. Woo Woo!

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