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Monday, January 31, 2011

rawr rawr rawr

So... it is the last day of January... and I have 4 more days until I can test. lol Yes, I'm keeping a countdown. I can't help it. I really don't think I am. I'm pretty sure, at this point, I'm not. I have no symptoms at all. Yeah it's sad and depressing. Frankly, it really really sucks.

On another note... I'm sick... again. It sucks. At least I will have a killer immune system after working at the CDC. The doctor doesn't want me to go back to work until Wednesday because my bronchitis was so bad that it was close to turning into pnemonia. I have anti-biotics and 2 cough medicines (that I can't take because I might, emphasis on might, be pregnant). The dogs have done a good job taking care of me while I've been home and keeping me company. Thayer has also helped me when he could and was home.

School has started again, and it has been rough this semester so far. Going to school full time, working full time, and scheduling my fertility treatments has been a little difficult. I'm glad that work has been, for the most part, understanding. They weren't happy with me the other day because I couldn't get my Hepititis A, Hepititis B, and Varicella immunizations because I *might* be pregnant. I have to go see the doctor and get a waver. Oh well, I guess they will get over it. The health of my potential child is way more important.

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