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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm just done. Done with Minot, done with most of the people here, done with the drama, done with the fake people who pretend to be your friend but hang out to dry the first chance they get. I'm just done. I'm so ready to leave and we better get to leave because I really don't think I can survive another year here. We're pretty sure we're going to be able to leave, and we better or I think Thayer will be living up here for a while by himself. I'm done being sad, I'm done feeling hurt, I'm just.... done. Life was easier when I was a hermit... at least then I wasn't getting hurt by others. I'm done thinking someone is my friend... I'm done being a friend of convience, I'm done with all these "fair-weather" people. I'm done asking for help then getting no reply then having the people I ask turn around and want me to do something for them. NO. I. Am. Done. I'm done being walked on... I'm done keeping it bottled up. I'm DONE.

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  1. Big Hearted people always seem to get used & abused, it's not fair. Hopefully in a month you'll be packing & leaving that horrid place!!! :)


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