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Monday, April 25, 2011

Every Limbo Boy and Girl...

Gotta love always being in limbo.

So today I went to the OB/GYN for my miscarriage recheck. Let me tell you how fun that wasn't. Today was supposed to be my first Prenatal appointment so... yeah it started off sucky. The one small miracle that did happen was that there were no... and I mean NO pregnant women in the waiting room. That would have made it ten times worse... one hundred times worse. I mean, the main reason I didn't go in for my last set of blood work at the lab was all the pregos sitting in there. I didn't think my heart could handle going through that again. (No offense to prego people, but really put yourself in my shoes for about 10 seconds and I'm sure you could understand). Today I got to ask my questions and have them answered. I asked him about clotting issues and progesterone. He said he could monitor my progesterone if we got pregnant again if I wanted him to. Which... DUH of course I do. I also asked him if it was normal that I was still having pain when I um... *TMI INCOMING* orgasm. He said it was. My uterus had started stretching to make room for the baby and now it is trying to contract back down to normal size and orgasms cause uterine contractions. This is one of the reasons he would like me to wait for 2 cycles to start trying again. Obviously my body is still healing from the miscarriage. I'm due to start my period in 6ish days and that might not be enough time for my body and could hamper my pregnancy if we were to do a treatment this cycle and have it work. So... we wait... in limbo.

Tomorrow I go to my first visit with the surgeon. It is an information gathering thing. Basically we are waiting to find out more from the surgeon before we decide what we are going to do with our fertility treatments. Ideally, I would like to have the surgery with in the next few months, wait a while, then try getting pregnant because honestly, that is the best option. It takes Tricare usually 6-8 weeks to give approval once the surgeon gathers all the information to submit to them. The surgeon could tell me no he won't do the surgery because we plan on having children in the nearish future. There are many different things that are coming into play, so once again, I am in limbo. Hopefully I will come out of the otherside tomorrow with more information. I mean, there are many reasons I would like to have the surgery.

1. It will help with my PCOS, which increases my chance to get pregnant and REDUCES my chance of having a miscarriage.

2. It will help decrease my chance for so many other life threatening illnesses as I get older.

3. Overweight people are more likely to have miscarriages so, once again, I will be reducing that risk.

4. I'm sick of starving myself and exercising and seeing no results.

I know a lot of people are probably thinking... "she's lazy and just looking for a quick fix." Not true, but believe what you will. I've always been heavy, partially due to genetics, partially due to all the steroids that were pumped into my body as a child for asthma, allergies, etc. I don't over eat (1500 calories a day). I exercise, and I will do more exercising now that the weather is nice. I have an active job (You try keeping track of ten 12-24month old kids). What it comes down to, I'm tired of struggling on my own and I want help. This surgery would be a tool to help me in my weighloss. It's not a miracle worker. I'm not going to have it done and POOF I'll be skinny. No, I will have to watch what I eat; I will have to exercise. So back to what I was saying before I rambled on.

We are in limbo because of the surgery, but I hope that I have some answers before it comes time to try to decide to take Clomid or not.

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  1. I'm so glad no pregs were there today!!!

    I'm right behind you in the surgery. I just got my paperwork & once I get my hub's schedule I'll make the appt. I wish you the best with the surgery! It's not a quick fix at all, it'll just make what you do actually productive!! :)


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