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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Here is my list of things I HAVE to do while back home on vacation:

- See family
- See friends
- Eat GOOD chinese food... chinese food up here is whack
- Eat GOOD mexican food... Mexican food up here is whack too.
- Eat Andy's Frozen Custard, Qdoba, Jimmy John's, Alejandros, Sonic!!
- "Visit" Grandma and Grandpa down at the lake and put flowers on their grave.
- "Visit" my sister and give her flowers too.
- Get my tattoo!!!
- Relax!
- Rest!
- Kiss all my worries goodbye for 2 weeks.
- Take lots of pictures.
- Have lots of fun.
- Miss my doggies (and husband I guess lol) a lot!
- Hug my mom a million and a half times.
- Get all my smaller clothes for after my surgery
- Spend a day with just my dad and me.
- Have a girls night with my mom!
- Sit in the balcony at the Warren.
- Go to a "real" zoo.
- Shop at a REAL mall.

I will probably add to this!

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  1. Home always has the best food. I get so excited about being able to get the good food in CA. & Qdoba, I am SO jealous! I love it! I hope you have a great time back home!


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