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Sunday, May 15, 2011

From a Bean to Hope

So Thayer and I were talking the other day... while I was pregnant (the short time that it was) we affectionately called our baby, Bean. After our baby went to heaven we continued calling it (we don't know the sex) Bean. After the many tears and the times of holding each other and through the grief, we decided we couldn't continue calling our beloved baby Bean any longer. Our baby, that we both loved so much, deserved a real name. So we talked and talked... and decided to name our angel baby Hope.

We decided on Hope for many reasons. She (I always wanted a girl first) gave us hope that one day we might truly be parents. She gave us hope that yes, the treatments could work for us and one day that we might have a family. She...that tiny 7 week gestation baby... gave us an infinite amount of hope. Often times hope does not come without sorrow. We've had our share of sorrow... and next time we get pregnant we hope that our little guardian angel baby will watch over her brother or sister so that we can have the family we've always dreamed of.

Baby Hope
Estimated Due Date 11-11-11

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