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Sunday, May 15, 2011

To Put It Bluntly....

Admittedly, I'm a very blunt person. If I don't like you... I'll let you know. I'm honest and open. I talk about my life, my struggles, my successes, in hopes that something I say can help someone, inspire someone, or touch someone's life. That is why I started this blog. I started it as a way to vent and help myself. I started it as a way to release my own emotions. After a bit, it turned into something more. I shared my story. I opened up about infertility and then miscarriage. I hoped to educate people, to inform people that haven't walked this road. I also hoped to help women in the same situation. I'm not 100% that I'm doing that, but from feedback I have gotten I believe that I am helping at least some people be more understanding of those going through infertility treatments and pregnancy loss.

Do I sometimes say things that people don't like? I'm sure I do.

Am I too open for some peoples tastes? Again, I'm sure I am.

I welcome comments, one way or another. If you like what I have to say tell me; if you don't like I have to say, tell me that too.

If I'm too blunt for your tastes, that's unfortunate, but I'm not going to change.

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