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Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Don't Run

In our 2 1/2 year marriage, Thayer and I have been through a lot. We've loved, fought, grieved, cried, rejoiced, and hoped. We've been through hell and have come out the other side. Relationships in general have their ups and downs. Thayer and I have had mountains at times. He and I have worked together to overcome everything and come out on the otherside closer and stronger. We have a love that most people only dream of. Infertility treatments, pregnancy loss... these are things that can either make or break a marriage. I'm proud to say that we're making it. We keep trudging along, though it is hard at times. Neither one of us are far from perfect. We carry our own unique baggage from our pasts... but I can't believe how close and far we have come in the almost 3 years we've been a couple.

I picked this song because I'm sure there are times that it would have been easier for either one of us to simply run away and give up. The military throws us crazy things.. weird schedules, days without seeing him, always the unexpected. I'm not pleasant, to say the least, when I'm in the middle of a Clomid cycle. I'm pretty sure I was pretty bitchy when I was pregnant. I've been pretty emotional since the miscarriage. All these things I'm sure it would have been easier to give up and walk away, but he didn't. Thayer chose to stay by my side to help me and love me the best that he can. I couldn't ask for a better husband... even if he is an asshole sometimes :)

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