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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Pills

So in the next month or so I will be making some major decisions about my health. First, I have to decide whether I want to go back on my anti-depressants or not. I went off of them when I thought I might be pregnant for the health of the baby. I am doing okay right now. I'm very hormonal, I know that. My body is basically going crazy coming down from the pregnancy hormone and trying to balance out with hormones you're supposed to have when not pregnant. I've been exceedingly moody and bitchy. Hopefully it all gets worked out soon. I don't want to go back on the anti-depressants unless I have to. The next is I'm contemplating having weight loss surgery. After trying for years to lose weight without success, I think I want to have LapBand surgery. I've done a lot of research. Many women with PCOS have gone on to conceive without fertility aids after losing weight with the help of the LapBand. I got a referral from my PCM last week and I'm calling Monday to make my appointment for my initial consultation with the surgeon on Monday. My PCM recommended that we try to get pregnant again before having the surgery... but the way I figure it, if I lose weight I will have a better pregnancy. Things will just be better all around. I'm sure some people won't agree with my decision... but it's not their life or body. I'm sure some people will think I'm taking the easy way out. If eating 1500-1600 calories for the last year and exercising without any results.... well I'm done working my butt off then not seeing any results. The PCOS makes it extremely difficult to lose weight. I've always been chunky... I think that is part of my DNA, but I would love to be back down to the size I was in HS. Gaining 35lbs in one month after going on Depo-Provera (the devil's birth control, that has now been linked with possibly causing PCOS) didn't help matters. They recommend not trying to get pregnant for a year after the surgery. The way I figure it, I just wouldn't go on BC. If it happens it happens. The only reason they don't recommend it, is the first year is when the most weight loss will happen. I just want to be healthy before I get too old. I'm also sick of the stigma that "fat" or "plus size" people are lazy. That's NOT true.


  1. Good luck Mary! I think the weight loss surgery is a positive step in the right direction. Having lost almost 100 lbs, I know, without a doubt, that I made the best decision for me! It's time for me to start the fertility process and I'm beyond excited! I may or may not have positive results, but I will know that I made a healthy decision for myself!

  2. I've thought about Lapband too. You'll know what's right for you and you'll be supported either way. Best of luck with your hormones & making the tough decisions.


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