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Monday, March 7, 2011

Waiting on Aunt Flo

So I was just really bored and decide to re-write the lyrics to the song "Waiting on Joe" by Steve Azar... lol. I just did the first portion of the song... Yeah I'm lame, I know.

We're supposed to starting getting it on in bed today
And the husband... well he's a pretty good lay.
Now I was countin' on him
To get'er done in ten.
A week's pay says he's still hangin low
'Cause the boys in his own time zone.

Now I'm waiting Aunt Flo... Oh whaddya know
Time flies fast and she's slower than a...
I told her over and over: "Now don't you be late." (unless I'm pregnant)
Ah, but like always,
I'm just sittin on go,
And waitin' on Aunt Flo.

My little song revision kinda represents how I'm feeling today. I feel like I'm just waiting on my period to get here. I try to be hopeful, but it's hard. I'm trying to decide if after this month I'll just go ahead and seeing about having surgery or if we should try just one more time... (it sucks that trying once takes a whole month... damn biology!) *sigh* I know I should get it done before Thayer gets out... but it's such a hard decision.

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