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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Insensitivity Pisses Me Off

So... in the last few days there has been more than one of my "friends" on facebook that have been bitching and moaning about being pregnant. I just want to go off on them and tell them to shut the fuck up. Maybe I should just delete them. People bitching about being pregnant used to piss me off when I was just another "infertile," but now it pisses me off 10 times as bad. I just want to post a comment to them that says something like "I know heartburn is no cake walk, but I'm sure the emotional pain of knowing my baby is dead and I flushed him/her down the toilet is much worse than having to eat a couple of Tums." Or... "I know that being pregnant is no cake walk... at least you don't have to go through having the symptoms knowing that your baby is dead." Maybe I'm just a bitch... but insensitive, stupid people just make me so angry. It's not fair. Why can't people just be happy with what they have instead of bitching and moaning about it all the time? Why can't they think about all the women who can't have kids or who have had their babies die instead of crying? I mean... pregnancy is 100% preventable... if you don't want to be nauseous, have heartburn, have your boobs hurt, etc. then keep your damn legs closed. In all seriousness... the next person that complains about their pregnacy will be deleted after I post on their wall telling them just want I think about them and their bitching. *end rant*


  1. All work and no play makes Mary a pissed of woman oh yeah! You go Mary you have every right to be upset.

  2. You have every right to be upset and say what you're feeling. Knowing you and everything that you've been through, I will never take pregnancy for granted, whenever it happens to me. I wish that people that deserved to be pregnant and have a family would get that opportunity, and not the people that really don't want it.

  3. Right on. I hate that stuff, too (having a similar problem). I think you can "hide" people on FB though.

    Love you Mary :) You guys moving to KS?


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