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Monday, March 14, 2011

Lay the SMACK down!

So tomorrow, I'm going to call Dr. Billings and lay the smack down. I called today to go ahead and make my first OB appointment. He doesn't want to see me until I'm 10-12 weeks. Now... I understand that this is "standard"... but I don't have a standard pregnancy. I have a special, fertility treatment induced pregnancy. Because of my PCOS, I need to have my progesterone levels monitored routinely. They also should check to see if I have any clotting disorders because those are common in women with PCOS as well. These two things are some of the reasons so may women with PCOS miscarry. I'm trying to breathe and not be upset. I asked the nurse and the appointment person if because of the IF treatments and Clomid, etc. if he would want to see me earlier. She said, "No, he likes to treat everyone the same." Well, I'm not everyone... I'm SOMEONE and I will get what I want. I will also call my RE and see what he says. I gotta be my own advocate in this stupid, backasswards place. I KNOW what needs to be done. It's not difficult to google. Most women on my PCOS support forums were seen in their 6th-7th week to make sure that everything was ok. I'm also not sure of my due date. I know my last period was Feb. 4th, but I'm pretty sure I ovulated late in my cycle which would throw my due date off. Additionally, because of the Clomid, there is an increase risk of twins. I'm not sure if I should be lifting considering all my risk factors for miscarriage... I just want to see a doctor and get some answers. Today, work at me so aggravated that I just wanted to put me 2 week notice in. I really really did. RAWR.... ok... now to breathe and not stress.

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