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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Journey through Infertility....

So... if you're new to my blog or don't know me too well... I'm going to fill you in on my fertility journey.

At the age of 22 I was officially diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I had lots of trouble with my periods for years before then. I was put on birth control at the age of 14 because I was having so many difficulties. I knew going into my marriage that we would have trouble conceiving. I even warned Thayer.

Thayer and I started trying to have a baby about 7 months after we were married (June 2009). When I went to the doctor and told him we were TTC he put me on Metformin to try and help me have a regular period, etc. In Oct. of that year I saw an OB/GYN who basically refused to treat me. He wanted Thayer to have a semen analysis. It took me nearly a year to convince Thayer to have this done. Everything checked out fine with him. I then went back to a different OB/GYN. He referred me to an RE and discussed putting me on Clomid. I had an HSG ran and began my first cycle of Clomid in January. During my Clomid cycles I had to have 2 Ultrasounds. I just finished my second cycle of Clomid and it apparently worked this time.

I know my fertility journey isn't as hard or bad as other people's... but it doesn't mean it wasn't emotionally taxing on me and my husband. I hope people can be happy for me. I want people to be happy that my journey through infertility might be over. I don't want people to think that I'm gloating. I'm not... but I deserve to be happy for something I have longed, cried, and hoped for, for nearly 2 years.


  1. You deserve to be happy no matter what! People are always going to complain and don't let it bring you down Mary. Enjoy your happiness and don't think about others, the important person in your life is growing right now and that's who you should worry about. Forget everyone else and be happy!

    And you better do it or I'll kick your ass! Don't think I wont kick a preggo ladies ass dude.

  2. Each persons journey is a struggle, in its own way. You have held up exceptionally well in yours. You deserve nothing but happiness right now! Your journey may be different than the next persons, but its not something you can predict. You can't say, well, ok, I'm going to start TTC but I'm not going to get pregnant before the person I know who has been TTC for a year longer than me. If anyone feels you are gloating, then perhaps they are the one with the issue. I have not seen gloating from you, I've seen one happy announcement on facebook and then you've went to your blog. Both places that for all accounts and measures belong to YOU, for you to post what YOU want to post. If anyone is less than elated that someone else in the TTC club is finally pregnant, they should discuss those feelings with their doctor.



    I, personally am THRILLED this has finally happened for you. You deserve it, you're going to be a great mother. And anyone who wants to turn your joy into their chip on the shoulder, can come talk to me about it.


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