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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scared to Sleep

So I now have the worst insomnia. I'm literally scared to sleep. When I started spotting it was when I woke up... and then when I started miscarrying it was when I woke up. Maybe I'm not so scared of the actual sleeping; I'm scared of the waking. Last night I finally fell asleep at 5am. I'm lacking motivation to do anything... get dressed, do homework, clean... I just want to lay around on the couch in my jammies all day. Thayer has been trying to get me out of the house as much as he can.

Another thing I find ridiculous is that my OB doesn't even want to see me until April 25th. That's almost a month and a half after my miscarriage. I hate Minot, I hate their shitty healthcare. 2 more months until I'm the hell out of this frozen tundra hell on earth.

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  1. Just randomly saw this and Im afraid of sleeping too. It pretty much started after I gave up on myself. I mean I can sleep but only when the sun is out. I sound like an idiot but I'm honest. Its the worst yet saddest feeling in the world. The one thing that we need but too afraid to get it. sorry about your miscarriage


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